Here is my submission for March 2018 Assessment ASSESSMENT SELF-EVALUATION SHEET

Ass 5 tutor report with response Alison512480

tutor report Alison Macpherson Ass 5

Demonstration of technical and visual skills (materials, techniques, observation skills, visual awareness, design, compositional skills) I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the different techniques this project asked for.  I would not have ordinarily used some of the techniques or been able to see how these techniques could possibly benefit my practice.  it wasn’t enough to fling […]

For this final assignment you’ll submit a series of three to five paintings on a theme of your choice. The subject matter, approach and techniques are entirely up to you. Your series of paintings could be linked by subject, technique or by a common theme. They could also be linked by a theme of progression. […]

With the same degree of close scrutiny and analysis, study a man-made object (anything from a piece of kitchen equipment to an engine part). Focus close in on one part of it and try out different viewpoints. Isolate areas or particular details and and work on several studies in your sketchbook until you have an […]

In this exercise you can abstract by looking very closely at a familiar natural form and expanding what you see in an arrangement of lines, shapes and colours. You could study a highly coloured flower or leaf or butterfly wing or examine closely a highly structured form such as a rock crystal, a shell or […]

Experiment with mixing materials from the landscape to build texture into your painting. I looked at Joan Eardley’s Summer Fields where she has used grasses which she may have picked at the location she was painting at.  She has placed the grasses in the forefront of the painting which enhances the perspective of the composition. […]

You’ll need some extra materials to experiment with creating surface textures on your painting support. Keep an open mind about the effects that you want and work intuitively. When you come to devise your textured ground, you may find helpful to have a title in your mind to help you select materials and effects. Think […]

Find out what you can about the Abstract Expressionists and, in particular, the style of painting called Tachism or ‘Action Painting’. Look at the work of those artists who developed this style of spontaneous, expressive painting which worked by the artist making large gestures and exploiting accidental effects. Look at the work and ideas of […]